Pikelets, (Photography & the best cooks)

l to r: My great Grandma, Bessie Pearl, unknown woman, my Grandma, Phyllis & my Mum, Karyn - Scarborough 1957

I think the thing I love the most about this picture is the unknown woman. Don't get me wrong, - I am enamoured by Grandma's hair and how grumpy Bessie Pearl looks (apparently she was quite the grump!), by Mum's doll and the gum trees in the background make me almost able to SMELL this photograph... but the unknown woman - who is she? What or who is she looking at? She looks so caught in a moment in a way that doesn't happen in photography anymore. We all get to pose, as we always have, but if someone doesn't look good, if they blink or look away or make a funny face we can simply take another photo. The instantaneous nature of photography now makes us all look perfect. Our lives can always look fun, together, and somewhat glamourous. I do kinda miss the mishaps of film photography. The truth that is there... - Maybe I will go buy some film....!

This week I made Pikelets. Pikelets are super Australian - they are like mini pancakes, but not as sweet. And for some reason they are more of an afternoon tea kind of thing. You can have them for breakfast if you want (we did!), but in my childhood they were always afternoon tea. My Aunty Claire is the one I remember making us pikelets the most. When we would go and stay at her house with our cousins, for some reason I have great memories of how awesome her pikelets were. Mine definitely don't live up to hers! It is so funny, how that works... How can something that is SO simple be that much better or worse depending on who makes it? It doesn't make sense! I guess this is where the love, and the knowledge comes in... if you measure everything perfectly and don't know that a batter is meant to be smooth, or lumpy, or whatever - you can't adjust. This is what I LOVE about cooking. When you get to the point where you don't need too much instruction. That you can tell how something should be.. 

I hope one day my niece and nephew, (or any member of my family!) will remember something I make with the same relish that I enjoy thinking of my family's food. Imagine - leaving behind a legacy of food AND music! Appeal to the senses, Nerissa!! haha!


3 eggs
2 cups self-rasing flour
1 cup milk
2 Tbs sugar
60g (4Tbs) margarine, melted but not hot (I used butter)

~ sift flour, add sugar
~ beat eggs &milk, add marg. 
~ drop spoonfuls on hot pan (Grandma uses an electric fry-pan, I used a skillet on medium)
~ traditionally served with butter only, or jam & cream. We of course, used maple syrup!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Love it! You're not just honoring the past, but bringing it all into our immediate experience with the recipes and stories from your perspective. I don't have to make the pikelets to know that they are delicious!

    That woman looks like she has to be part of the family. She resembles Bessie Pearl so much, and even more so, your grandma. Those gorgeous cheekbones and overall bone structure have to be related. An Aunt? Someone you always thought was "outside" the family, but really part of it? I'm getting carried away, but she definitely looks related.


    1. Thanks Christina!!

      I found out the 'unknown woman' is indeed a part of the family.. I should have checked with Mum before I posted ;)

      She is actually my great-great Aunty Grace, - Bessie Pearl's sister - you were right! It makes me happy to find out that BP had a sister. My sister and I always talk about 'when we are old in our rocking chairs' - we use it as a reminder that we should have fun. So that when we get to those rocking chairs we'll have lots to laugh about and remember. Looks like Aunty Grace and BP were pretty good mates... nice!

      So glad you are enjoying the blog.. yay!

      xx n

  2. P.B. also had two brothers that I can remember so far, Wally & Herb. B.P. & auntie Grace were quite good mates, but they did have their moments. I can remember a couple of doozies!! P.B. was a bit of a "bossy boots" haha. Love Ma ooxxoo

    1. Who was the eldest, Mum? Pearl, or Grace? - What? Sisters having 'moments'? I can't possibly imagine!!

  3. The unknown woman is my great auntie Grace. BPs sister. The dolls name was John.0xx0Ma