Lemonade Scones (& Where is home for you?)

My Grandma & Grandpa, Phyllis & 'Keany' with my new-born Mum, Karyn, 1952.

What a day so far! I am writing this post in advance, - on a Sunday afternoon the first day of daylight savings. The sun is OUT and so are all the people, - crazy to get some warmth on their wintery bones. This kind of weather has come a little early, so there is a feeling about the NY world that we gotta get it while we can. March might come back like a lion just yet.

We just got home from the Phagwah Parade for Holi Day in Queens. I am covered in colourful powders and feel very joyful and alive! Spring is here, life moves on. We started the day with coffee and lemonade scones from the 'new' ledger (the second hand-written recipe book I was given by my Grandma Campbell for Christmas last year..yes, now there are two ledgers!).

All is right with my world.

(The song 'No More Blues' has just popped into my head, 'No more Blues, I'm going back home. No more blues I promise no more to roam. Home is where the heart is, the funny part is, that it's been right here all along..."... I always LOVE that song. Even though I laugh in my head every time I get to the promise no more to roam part.. Yeah, right! I take it in a more meta way. That if I am true to myself there'll be no more blues. My home is where my heart is, - with myself and with those I love. If there's sunshine then you can't hold me back!). 

I am home wherever I go. And, if it involves eating, or cooking for others, all the better! 

Where are you home? 

Lemonade Scones
2 cups self-raising flour (add 3 tsp of baking powder, 1tsp of salt if you only have all-purpose flour)
150ml cream
125ml lemonade (sprite)

~ mix flour and cream
~ add lemonade using knife to mix
~ cook in 450f, or 400f in fan forced oven (220c, or 200c in fan forced oven) for 10 - 15mins or until golden brown.

(once you have mixed the dough, flatten it out a little to 1" in thickness and cut circles using cookie cutter, or a wine glass. You can baste with a little milk if you want to. Bake on greased cookie sheet). 


  1. Is that clotted cream with your scones? Yum! Can't wait to try to make these!

    1. No, it's not.. But it SHOULD be if I had done it the 'proper' way!! It is just some of the left over cream that I whipped... Can't wait to hear how they go Kate!