Welcome to Bessie Pearl's Ledger. 

This blog came about because my Mum gave me her Grandma Pearl's book of recipes. I was so honoured, and felt a real sense of urgency to transcribe it as it is totally falling apart, and some parts ineligible already.

Once I got going I started thinking about how I really don't know how to cook. How back in the "Olden Days" people just knew things that are lost on my generation, that were even a little lost on my Mum's generation. And I wanted to learn, and figure out how to make these recipes that have been passed down to me. 

Most things contain simple ingredients, but mostly no instructions or method, so I am being a sleuth with a lot of them. Some things aren't in the Ledger, but are family recipes that have been passed down over the years. I have been enjoying so much feeding the results to my family and friends, as well as discussing food in general and remembering my family, and my family remembering their family and so on.

It is so much fun!

If you have any family recipes that you would like me to try out, I would love so much to get a dialogue going about food, and what it means to be an Old-Fashioned (wannabe!) cook in the 21st Century. My email address is nerissacampbell [at] gmail [dot] come, or you can comment here on the blog.