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My name is Nerissa, and I love doing lots of different things!

I am a musician originally from Perth, Western Australia but I have been living in NY for a while now. I came here in 2001, met my husband in the first week (!) here.  We chased each other back and forth between here and Australia for a few years and got married in 2004.

I went to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, majoring in Jazz Vocals. I sang quite a lot around Perth in the late 90's, before heading over to NY for my 'jazz pilgrimage'. I was only coming for a year, and somehow, here I still am! I started writing my own songs fairly early in my career, but was shy about sharing them at first, thinking that people would rather hear familiar jazz tunes. Now, most of my gigs consist of only original music - which is a blend of jazz & blues. Luckily for me people seem to dig it! I have released 3 records under my own label, Crooked Mouth Music and you can find me singing downtown at Rockwood Music Hall most months.

I also love traveling, (I am extremely restless) and try and sing wherever I can. I always carry around a note book to draw in, and I have been a beginner yogi for about 13 years now (one day I will be able to make it a permanent part of my life!). I work at two very inspiring small businesses, Lotta Jansdotter & Sesame Letterpress - both places inspire me greatly in my creative life. I also teach private singing lessons.

And especially, I love writing this blog - it makes me so happy!

Thanks for stopping by, - I hope you'll come and visit again soon.