Dried Apricot Jam

My pretty Mum, Karyn 

Yay, my Mum is here in New York! She arrived last night to me boiling up the Apricot Jam!! The first thing she said (after hugs & love) was that (my) Grandma (her Mum) used to make it for her Dad because he really loved it.. How cool - info on hand at the time of making - I LOVE IT!! I hope we will make some Christmas treats together - we were talking about Christmas Cakes last night, only Mum likes the fake green cherries! Can you believe it? I can't even stand the regular fake cherries, let alone the green ones. Probably why I never cared for Xmas Cake (but will try and make it, just for you guys)...

So, without further ado - the dried Apricot Jam that Keeny loved.

(And now I am getting back to the movie everyone is watching and continuing to write my holiday cards. I might have a Tim Tam!! A short post this week - I am sure you don't mind me holding back for once!! heehee!)

Dried Apricot Jam
6 lb dried apricot
12 cups water
6 lb sugar

~ soak dried apricots in water overnight
~ boil apricots in water
~ once brought to boil, add sugar
~ boil 2 hours (ok jam makers - last time I did this with the lemon jam, I let it boil over by mistake, and this time I just let it simmer and it didn't set....  can I re-boil it to set it? PS. I think I learnt .... don't simmer, but watch it while it boils!!)
~ put in sterilised jars and let cool, then seal

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