Good Sultana Cake

My Grandma Phyllis, (this is how I remember her), in 1984 - age 73

There are a couple of newer photos in the collection that I have, but I always feel like they aren't 'old' enough. There is something so romantic about old black & white photos, that I am just fascinated by. Probably because they go beyond 'me' and my 'youth'. ..... I thought I was young, but I guess I am not that young anymore. People are calling me ma'am! And, the other day I was at Urban Outfitters, singing along to a cover of some 80's song when it dawned upon me that this music was being marketed to people who didn't hear it the first time around. Like when Mum thought it was funny when I showed an interest in the Beatles, and The Doors. I also knew it when I saw an 80's looking outfit marked as 'vintage'. Hmph. Anyway, so I thought we would remember Grandma from the 'vintage' 80's today.

Grandma was awesome at helping me with my homework back in the 80's. She was super patient and would especially encourage me in Maths, which I wasn't so great at as a kid, and reading, which I was. I liked doing my homework, and I loved doing it with her. We'd sit at the dining room table and she would help me do the lot. Then we'd eat some total comfort-food dinner, like beef stew or rissoles (with peas and mashed potato, of course!) Later, when I was in high school I would go and stay over at her place once or twice a week to keep her company, eat her dinners and be a little closer to my school (and erm, my boyfriend! The truth comes out!)... I remember telling her that old age was the reason that she couldn't taste her food as well anymore, that I had just learnt that in Human Biology, funny, the same day she complained to me about it! The things we say without thinking when we're young!
So, eat your food. Taste it! Enjoy it! Savour it while you can!

And this week, for you all, homework!!! 


Yes, you heard me. 

I have had quite a busy week - I had my first concert as part of the Gamelan Orchestra I am in, fun!, and on top of that a bit of extra work-work, and I haven't had time to bake at all. I wanted to make the Good Sultana Cake, but haven' been able to yet, - so your homework, if you feel like doing it (Grandma won't mind if you don't, and I won't bug you either!) is to sort out this week's recipe. I will write it as it is in the ledger, and if you want to to try it out, that'd be great! And let me know how you get on, - post me a picture, tell me the cooking temperature - you know, all of that!! You can do it here, or Bessie Pearl's Ledger now also has a Facebook Page here.

Good Sultana Cake
3 lb's flour
1 1/2 lbs sultanas 
2 lbs of butter
2 lbs of sugar
20 eggs  (ok, really???? I would probably research that a lot!)
little lemon peel
That's all I got! Ready, get set,,, go!! (And good luck!)

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