Tea Buns

clockwise from top left: ??, Grandma, Kyron Brennan Snr (her father-in-law), Roger-the-dog & Dianna McGushin

I have been loving drinking tea again.

I quit drinking coffee earlier this year, as I had a suspicion that it was a cause of some skin problems I had been tackling since I was 22. That was the same year I started wearing sunscreen every day, the time I started using beauty products (make-up, cleansers, moisturisers and all those grown up smelly things!), and the time I started drinking coffee regularly. I stopped doing those other things, to test it out, and it was somewhat successful. Then I stopped drinking coffee and the results were amazing! I think my poor liver has been trying to tell me something a long time. Finally, I stopped listening to the dermatologists & the beauty product advertising and listened to my body. No more coffee = awesomeness!

But, as usual, I digress.

I have been loving drinking tea again. Earl Grey especially! And the Tea Buns, which I think are pretty much scones, were a perfect addition to my afternoon tea today. And I needed afternoon tea today. I think I should still be on my afternoon tea break actually. Right, after this, back on break!! We've had a very hectic week. We found a steal of an apartment downtown, and have been clawing and fighting our way to signing its lease.

Let me tell you, apartment hunting in NY is not that fun. First of all, there are all the dodgy listings you have to navigate through (which once you get used to them, you can spot them a mile all over the place, very annoying!). You know, the ones where the 'owner' tells you that they are in London on business and if you send them the deposit and first month's rent (the usual money required to secure an apt in NY), they will FedEx you the keys. Ah, yeah.

Then there's the beautiful, huge apartments in the best area. That you go and see and find out that the train rides right past the front window, is tiny and totally falling down (which is saying alot, because NY apartments are mostly all falling down as it is!), and is the most skanky hell hole you can imagine. It especially is comforting when the landlord tells you that they do all the repairs, so you don't have to worry.. (No, sorry sir, you don't have to worry about me, because your apartment sux!).

Then there's the broker fees. Usually 12% of the yearly rent, the onus is on the tenant to pay this. NY real estate is such a rat race, that the owner doesn't even have to pay the broker! I had one that wanted $2500, for them to show you the apartment for 5 minutes. People actually pay this! (Don't get me wrong, broker's should get paid!!! But, it is just sucky that the tenant pays it....)

So, what you wanna find is that apartment that is in a good area, that is livable (believe me, there are a lot of unlivable apartments!!), and if you can score it, rent stabilised. That means that the landlord cannot jack up the rent hundreds of dollars on you just because the area you live in got popular. And believe me, they will.

Well, we got it!! A super cute and very charming apartment over 150 blocks closer to work & friends than where we are now (my hour-15 minute commute to work is gonna be 15 minutes now!! Yay!), and in an area that we are looking forward to being in. We scored the deal all NY'ers dream of, and I am so relieved. After a week of waiting, we found out this morning we got it! Woohoo!

My Grandma would have thought I was crazy!! I think the rest of my family will!! Sometimes I wonder myself, - what the heck are you doing in NY, Nerissa? Well, come January I will be walking to all my favourite spots, drinking tea at the cafe downstairs, eating next door, catching shows at the many nearby venues and living in the greatest city in the world!!!

Now, back to that cuppa and tea bun.

Tea Buns

1 egg well beaten
1 Tbsp sugar
1 ditto of melted butter
2 ditto of cream of cream of tartar
1 ditto soda
2 cups of flour
1 cup of milk
1 pinch salt
~ eggs beaten, sugar and milk well beaten

(~ cook for 8 minutes in 425f oven)
I do something wrong in preparing these sorts of things. I am sure they are meant to rise, but mine were kinda flat! Still good though! So, I am not writing any more method than what BPL wrote, and then the time & temperature, which I researched. I might have to invest in that science of food book, so I can get this stuff down. 

I can't find the camera cord!!!! As soon as I do, I will post this week's pic! (Sorry, but my sister always texts me from Australia if the post is not up by the time she gets to work. I think I might just get her! xx). 

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